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Friday, February 1, 2019

Sybil Jane :: Eight + Nine Month Update

Holy moly, Sybie girl!

You're N I N E months!

Monday was your nine month check-up and afterwards they asked if I wanted to schedule your one year visit.

One year?! Already?!

"No," was my answer.

Mostly because we had already been there for over an hour and I was going a little nuts with all three of you in a doctors office, but also because one year appointment?!

I feel like you were just born.

No, no I'm not quite ready. I'll call soon to schedule it though, thanks.

You're growing and changing.

Standing and crawling (you're fast!).

Eleanor and Hazel love to make you laugh.

I think Eleanor will do just about anything to hear you giggle.

You two play a combination of hide-and-seek and peek-a-boo. It's quite elaborate, Eleanor hiding you looking all around for her for what truly is minutes, then whenever she decides it's been long enough she'll come out from behind the chair or under the table and run right towards you yelling, "BOOOOO!"

You both giggle so hard making all of us laugh even harder.

You climb into Eleanor's bed to read with Hazel and E. They cheer you on as you climb in.

Go Sybie, go Sybie! You can do it!

Yay! You did it!!

When you cry, Hazel is quick ask, "What can I do?! How can I help?!"

Eleanor is quick to ask, "What's wrong?! What happened?!"

You three are teaching me so much about empathy, compassion, having fun, trust, and forgiveness.

Last night I was in the bedroom with E, when we walked out I saw Hazel cutting up a carrot for you with her "big kid" knife.

Later I heard you and Eleanor laughing so hard. I peeked around the corner to see her crawling with you. You chased her down the hallway laughing and then both of you turned around and she chased you back the other way.

It was hilarious and I wish I had my phone on me to capture it...I feel like that a lot, but there's some moments where even when I do catch it on film, it doesn't fully capture the moment, you know?

There are so many times with you girls that make my heart melt.

I don't want to paint a, "this is easy and every moment is amazing!" picture, but I would say there are more beautiful moments than frustrating.

The hard moments are there as well for sure--just this morning I was overwhelmed when Hazel and I were reading a book, Eleanor was trying to stomp on said book, and you started screaming in your highchair.

Most moments are crazy, but I've learned to see beauty in the crazy, in the mess--the Lord has used you three to show me there's always beauty to be found in this life. Sometimes it's so clear and sometimes you have to look just a little bit more. I definitely haven't mastered this, but I'm growing.

I love you and I love watching you grow, figure out life (crawling, eating, babbling, standing, all the things!), and live life with you sisters.

I love being your mama, Sybil Jane. You are such a gift!



Some things:

-You're eating so much food. I'm pretty sure this happened with both your sisters around nine months--eating full meals. You're a healthy, growing girl. Go you!
-In the craziness of your drs appt I don't remember your weight--21 lbs, 22 maybe? Somewhere around there! 86th percentile I think.
-You dropped down in height--50-something percentile (from 80-something), but the dr said thats's normal and you'll probably have a growth spurt soon.
-wearing size 5 diapers (you've been wearing that size for months, ha!)
-first Christmas was last month--we went down to NC to be with the Pursley crew and it was a blast. We also went to Gigi's for a few days afterwards and spent New Years with her! We had a really fun holiday :)
-Your sleeping okay--not your usual sleeping ammmmazingly, but we've added in other components like putting all of you into one room so that's been mostly good, and also a little challenging, but we're doing it so yay!
-Really all you need to know: We love you SO MUCH. You're amazing!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Sybil Jane :: Seven Months

Seven months, little lady!

I'm writing this post a little over a week late and so much has changed even in this past week. For instance all of a sudden you're in love with food! Yay!

Maybe I've written about my great dislike of the solid food transition? (Probably in your sisters posts too...). It's one of my least favorite things...for a few reasons, but the big two:

-we're finally in some type of rhythm and then BAM--added new thing to do.
-the mess. holy moly.

With you and E I was slow to get moving on the solid foods. "They'll eat when they're ready..." was my motto. E was so very ready early on, but every time I let you try something you were fine with it, but just didn't seem too interested. Then this week it's like all you want to do is try new foods and it's so exciting to you!

The fact that you're loving eating makes it a little bit easier of a transition :) No one in our home is a picky-eater and if you continue what you're doing, it doesn't seem like you'll be picky either!

Your favorites include avocados (Hazel has hated avocados since she was a baby! You and E love 'em!), sweet potatoes, peas, and carrots. Oh and eggs. Okay, maybe you're loving a lot of foods.

We moved all three of you girls into one room. Your dad and I have been incredibly surprised at how smooth the transition has been...lets just say it was not this smooth when we moved Hazel and E in one room. Ha! You've had a few weird nights this past month, but you're back to sleeping through the night. Thanks ;)

Your sisters are still so smitten with you. Loving on you all day long. Eleanor turns two (!) this month and I can tell she's developing more--mostly because of the way she interacts with you.

"G'morning Sybie!" is what she says (about 100 times) when you wake up. She's only woke you up once since all of you starting sharing a room. You're just so much fun to play with!

Really though, you're a sweet, sweet little babe. You're sitting up all on your own, you army crawl like it's your job (please just calm down with that), you're in the dog food, grabbing your sisters toys, and making us all take a deep breath and smile. You're doing a great job, kiddo.

Oh and we just had to lower your crib because you're pulling up. As your dad was lowering the crib and I was rocking you, Hazel came over to you and I said to her, "We have to lower Sybie's crib because she's getting so big. She's not going to be a little baby for much longer." Sweet Hazel said, "Mama she'll always be baby Sybil." My heart may have just melted all over the floor when she said that. We love you so much, little lady!

Some of my favorite things from this month:

-you pulling yourself up into a sitting position like a boss and surprising the heck out of me.
-watching you eat sweet potatoes
-rocking you and laughing because you are SO BIG!
-your first Thanksgiving! We drove down to VA to be with my side of the family :)
-just you in general--you make all our days brighter, sweet girl. i'm so grateful for you, sybil jane!

We love you SO much!