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Friday, June 7, 2013

Matt's Birthday Surprise

Matt's birthday was May 8th and I really wanted to do something big & fun. I've noticed him saying {for the past several months now} he wanted to get a saxophone and learn how to play.

So I did some research and with the help of some dear friends I bought him a saxophone!
{To say he was shocked would be an understatement.}

I'm so grateful to all the friends who helped me with his birthday surprise.
Thank you! 

I also thought it was too big of a surprise to just hand it over to him on his I made a treasure hunt {& by made I mean I found these riddles on Pinterest :)}!

I wanted Matt to start & end with I handed him the first and last clue.

Clue #1: Today is your birthday! So what shall we do?! A treasure hunt is what I have planned for you! To begin your search it's quite simple you see...find a place a through z! [computer keyboard]

Clue #2: Go to the place [near] where green grass grows and water is constantly a-flow. [outside pond/waterfall] 

Clue #3: Your favorite color may be blue, but that is not the color of this shoe. [my sneakers]

Clue #4: Finding your present will be so nice...get the next clue where we keep the ice. [freezer]

Clue #5: I know you're thinking, "How many more?" For you next one look behind the "weight room" door. [it's really a closet with a weight bench...but I didn't want him looking in every closet!]

Clue #6:You use this between your head & your toes, the more you use the thinner it grows. [bodywash]

Clue 7: This information might be a clue, but to find out go find some glue. [glue]

Clue 8: You're almost done! Isn't it fun?! Go to the cabinet full of games in order to see what the next clue proclaims.

Clue 9: Now go back to the very start...there's someone there who has your heart. [me!]

He was SO surprised! It was such a fun day! :)

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