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Friday, June 7, 2013

one year & never a dull moment

June 2nd.

one year of marriage!

{I think Matt was talking in this picture...but I think the face he's making is kinda cute.}

 We wanted our anniversary to be fun and simple...a while ago I had talked about getting pictures taken (I love pictures!) for all of our big anniversaries...the first, fifth, tenth, etc... So that's what we decided..and up to Virginia we went!

Also, since we're getting so close to leaving for NYC (praise the Lord!) we wanted to spend a little time with the family. So Friday & Saturday would be spent with my side of the fam. Then Sunday was our anniversary celebration day.

Friday and Saturday were so fun. We ate good food, hung out, and laughed a lot!
{Here's Matt playing the [tiny] violin & breaking it down on the spoons. ha!}

Then the day that Matt & I were excited about [Sunday] came! Who knew that it would involve a trip to the Urgent Care & me accidentally giving Matt not one, but  two, Tylenol PMs...causing Matt to have a desperate need for a nap.

Let me explain:

On Wednesday I broke a mirror in our bathroom...I thought I swept up every...single...piece.
Obviously not!

Matt had complained a little about his foot hurting, but we thought nothing of it. Well, Sunday he couldn't stand the my brother took him to Urgent Care and they had to slice open his foot and take out the glass. Yikes!


To say I felt awful would be an understatement...but wait, it gets better!

I offered to grab him some Tylenol because he was in so much pain and I felt so bad. Well, I thought I just grabbed regular Tylenol...I didn't look close enough to see the PM written on it. So after 20 minutes of Matt taking the pills he said, "Whew...that Tylenol is really kicking in!" 
As my family jokingly (oh yea, we're still at my mom's at this point...we haven't left for our romantic day quite yet...) says, "Sabrina probably gave you a PM!" I go to double check that they're not right...oh, but I was wrong!

Above is a picture of the beautiful meal that my Mom made us...I think she felt bad that we were still there and that Matt had to go get glass taken out of his foot. She's such a sweet woman. That's her below.

So not only did I send my husband to Urgent Care, but I also drugged him up on our anniversary. Did I mention that I felt awful about it?!?

We were going to take pictures in about 2 we had some time for him to sleep off the meds...thank goodness! We headed to the hotel for him to take a nap. He slept and was ready to go. I don't know how he did it because I would have been knocked out for the whole day. He's a trooper!

It ended up being such a fun day filled with pictures out in the beautiful countryside, a great dinner at one of our favorite places, first anniversary "paper" gifts, and lots of cuddling.
Matt printed off 52 sweet sayings and encouragements, cut them up, and placed them inside a mason jar for me to read one every week. I was impressed with his creativity! He even tied a lace-bow on it...he knows me well. I printed off a sheet with our memorable dates on it and framed it for him.

As I was saying how sorry I was to Matt he said, "I really don't care what we do as long as we're together." It helped me put it back into perspective that what we're celebrating is each other, and the beautiful gift of marriage that the Lord has given us.

Our special day didn't turn out quite the way I had planned it in my head...but it made me so much more thankful for Matt. I felt like I had put him through the ringer, and he offered me nothing but grace and love in return. Oh the Lord has given me such an amazing man.


It's always an adventure with us!

I'll post some pictures when I get them :)

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