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Monday, October 21, 2013

Slowing Down & Living in the Moment.

I find myself wanting to capture everything I experience throughout the day... kind words I hear people say, beautiful buildings & interesting-looking people, the laughter I hear outside my window coming from the little kids in the park, pretty flowers, cool-looking stores, and yummy-smelling food. 

I try to take pictures any time I can...but I realize a lot of beautiful moments just cannot be captured in a photo...but rather they must be experienced. A few weeks ago I felt the Lord whispering, "Slow down..." 

So this month along with taking (many!) pictures I've also taken time to slow down (in this fast-pace city!) to experience these moments.. 

Some fun things I've captured:

How cute are these?! My boss took me to a reeeally cute coffee shop called The Chipped Cup...I mean, c'mon the name itself is adorable. The thing I couldn't capture in a picture: the passion I saw in her heart for people to know Jesus.

Fort Tryon Park...running date! I love running-dates with Matt. 

How pretty is that?!

Last weekend Matt & I decided to get out of the city...we took the Staten Island Ferry to Staten was so fun & free! We got to see the Statue of Liberty on our way too!

High Rock Park in Staten Island. So. Much. Green. We loved it!

I went on a run yesterday and captured this. Running is such an outlet for thoughts are so much clearer. 

I found some cool places on my run many stairs! So pretty.

I long to find beauty and thankfulness in the everyday, mundane tasks of life as shopping? Yes. I'm thankful to be able to eat yummy food and to have a full-belly at night...I know many people in this city don't have that. 
Lately, I've been taking the long-way home from the Trader Joe's...which seems silly because I'm carrying heavy grocery bags...but I love 72nd street! So I figure why not?!

I found a Goodwill on 72nd street...I was puummpped. I haven't been in a thrift store since we left NC. 

I love the students we work with. I love this picture...Matt & Natalie were watching a funny video..both of them have such beautiful, loud laughs.

My uncle sent me a gluten-free/dairy-free care package. so thankful! so yummy!

I love working with this hunk everyday too. :)

I don't think I ever got to share this picture...and it had to be shared. One of the first weekends we were in the city there was a "West-side Fair" happening. Matt & I went and he just had to milk the fake-cow...hilarious. 

God has been faithful as I've asked Him to open my eyes and allow me to see things with a Christ-centered view. I desire to be grateful in all things. Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts. I hope you have a great week!