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Monday, August 25, 2014

one year of city livin'

what an adventure this past year has been
& to be honest...I'm not much of an adventurous person.

// but...the deepest desire of my heart is to be like Jesus.
& as Jesus prayed, "not as I will, but as you will."
...that is my prayer.

& God called us NYC.
& to be's been challenging, fantastic, hard, eye-opening, incredible, 
& the biggest learning experience of my life.

8.24.14 marked one whole year of us living in NYC. 

last year at this time we were knee deep in boxes (& cockroaches...)

but somehow we made this quaint, little space our home

I've learned organization is key!

I've also learned this new sport: grocery shopping.
I feel like I could write a whole post about this. 
I've never seen anything like it.
50+ people in line with an employee holding a sign "LINE ENDS HERE"
30 cash registers with flags to wave when they are ready for you.
it is always an adventure.
I've learned to do small loads & more frequent trips
& to always bring tote bags (easier to carry on the subway & healthier for the earth too).

& then there's laundry...
to be fair I've never been a huge fan of doing laundry in the first place...
but it is quite a different experience bringing laundry down to the basement of our building rather than having it in our home.
(a lot of people don't have laundry in their I am really grateful that we do! 
...the basement can just be a creepy place...)

& our super keeps a few cats in the basement (to take care of any mice problems)
....I'm not much of a cat person, but Im grateful they keep mice away!

we learned how to use mass transit
(it took me way longer to figure this out than it took Matt)

it was an adjustment for us not having a trunk to throw everything into...

we've learned to be prepared...traveling in the city can take a while...

& if we want to take Gins anywhere...this is how that happens 
(he's in the carrier)

oh yeah, that leads me to another thing that happened this year...we adopted a pup!

he is quite the city-dog.

& we love having him!
cuddling is one of his favorite hobbies :)

& he loves to play

don't get me's definitely challenging having a dog in the city.
(lets be real...having a dog at all is a challenge & takes work!)

but we love it!
having a dog in the city has allowed us to meet people we never would have met & go places we probably never would have gone. 

we love meeting people at dog parks (especially on donuts&coffee saturdays!) 

& thankfully Gins is a really easy dog :)

we've now experienced all 4 seasons in the city & it's safe to say my favorite is fall :) 

winter was intense, but we learned a lot during that cold season...

-having a warm, fluffy coat (that goes down to your ankles) is a wonderful thing
-those scarves that I wore to be fashionable are now a necessity for warmth
-hats are not just for fashion either...they keep your ears&head warm! who knew?!
-snow becomes slushy verrrry quickly in the city...and that puddle that looks super shallow is actually knee-deep...beware.

we have made incredible friends & have worked with amazing students

we celebrated 2 years of marriage in June.
this adventure has deepened our marriage & we've fallen more in love.
we have learned so much about each other this year through all the ups&downs we've faced.

 we've discovered some of our favorite spots 
& learned to visit them often to find rest&quiet in this busy city.
(J. Hood Wright Park)

(below the George Washington Bridge)

(running in central park)

(& my favorite...Ft. Tryon Park.)

Ft. Tryon is so quiet, so peaceful.
It's where I go to think&pray.

Ft. Tryon reminds me of how detailed&intricate my Creator is
& it causes my heart to worship.

I'm blown away at the beauty of creation.
& my heart is overwhelmed that we are created in God's image...
no flower, no mountain, no beautiful scenery could ever compare to the beauty of
people created in His own image.

every day as I pass by hundreds, thousands, millions of people in this crazy, busy, beautiful, unique city I am surrounded by the image of God.

I'm humbled & honored that God called us here.


these are just a few things we've learned in our short time here.
I feel like I could go on&on for days...
but I won't :)

// happy one year anniversary, NYC //


  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing, Pusley's! You two are quite amazing.

  2. I enjoyed your post! Happy NYC-versary!