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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

how are you doing?

I stopped & stared. It was probably rude and slightly awkward, but I couldn't help it. I just stood there.

It had been an early morning. I woke up with a 'to-do' list writing itself in my head and already felt overwhelmed before the sun was even up.

I took the dog for a long walk and then let him run around in the dog park. I usually love to watch him play with the other pups...but today I felt rushed. I wanted to get to the farmers market, I still had to take a shower, the list could go on...oh & that meeting starts in 2 hours. 

Normally when I shake Ginberg's leash he knows it's time to go and he's usually so tired by then that he's ready; but today he wasn't ready to go. He wanted to run & play some more. Ugh.

After finally getting him out of there I was on a mission: farmers market, home, work. go.go.go.

I got to the farmers market and couldn't remember what I wanted to get.

I held Gins and walked around looking at all the vendors. Everything looked so good, so fresh! I still couldn't remember what we needed though.

As I walked past the last vendor I stopped & stared as two little, old ladies with bright, white hair teared up and held each others hands over a table full of fresh vegetables. 

One lady a vendor & the other a customer. 

It was a beautifully sad moment. The customer talked about something with a big smile as tears rolled down her cheeks. The vendor listened intently and nodded often. 

After standing & watching for an awkward-amount of time I turned and headed back home empty-handed. 

I started to wonder how that conversation started.

Do they know each other well?

Is she a regular customer?

Long time friends?

Then I had a thought...what if the vendor simply asked, "How are you?" & the customer actually told the vendor how she was doing & her answer wasn't was messy & hard & it took longer than the 10 seconds answer, "good--how are you?"

Over the past few years the Lord has been teaching me to find beauty&joy in the mess. 

I thought about the customer's smile as tears flooded her face. 
What a picture of joy in the midst of heaviness. 

I walked in the door to our small apartment that looks very-lived in at the moment & decided to take a deep breath, hold the warm cup of coffee in my hands for a bit longer, and soak in the silence of the early morning instead of rushing to get the next thing done. 

In the midst of my rushing I can tend to lose myself & also lose perspective of life in general.

Later a friend asked, "How are you?" & answered truthfully.

& it was a bit messy and she listened, cared, and loved me. what a sweet gift.

I still can't remember why I wanted to go to the farmers market this morning...but I'm thankful I did.

How are you doing?

I'd really love to know.


I'm hoping you run into some beautiful moments today.

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