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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hazel Louise: 3 weeks old

my sweet Hazel,

Three whole weeks have gone by since you arrived in this crazy, beautiful, messy world we live in. These past three weeks have been quite an adventure! Giving labor to you was nothing like I planned (or imagined!)...there were more interventions than I wanted originally, but looking back at those 20 hours filled with the worst pain I've ever experienced along with making decisions with your dad about epidurals and other medical stuff during all that pain...I'd do it all over again because at the end of it all we got you!

You were so slimy and pink when you first came out. The first thing your dad said was, "She's beautiful!" My first words might have been, "She looks like an alien!"

My favorite memory of the day you were born was when your dad first held you. You were swaddled nice and tight and had one of those pink&blue hospital hats on (it kept falling off...but that might have been from all of your hair!). Behind your dad was a window looking out over New York City. It was just after 10pm so you could see all the lights of the looked so big out there! And you looked so small in your father's arms. As I reached for my phone to take a picture I heard your dad sharing the gospel with you...before he told you anything else he told you about Jesus. I don't know if I'll ever be able to express the amount of love I felt for your dad, you, and our new little family in that moment. Our prayer is that you would know Jesus as the love of your life, your Lord & Savior.

These past few weeks have made me trust the Lord in ways I never have before. They've been both challenging and sweet. Each day the Holy Spirit has reminded me who really is in control. I've asked for strength the minute. The Holy Spirit has reminded me that God loves you more than I do. When I put you down to sleep at night and that knot forms in my chest because I don't want to go to sleep too (even if it isn't for very long, ha) will I watch you and make sure you're okay?! I'm reminded that the Lord doesn't sleep...I'm reminded of His power, His care, and His love for me and for you, sweet girl. Through the sleepless nights I've experience God's peace and comfort in ways I never have before.

Baby girl, it is such a privilege to be your momma. I cannot praise the Lord enough. You are such a gift to me and your dad! We love all the sweet&funny noises you make, we love the crazy amount of hair you have, we crack up when you bust your arms out of almost any swaddle just to have your hands by your face. We love all your facial expressions (especially when you flash your gummy smile!) and we love that you love to sleep!

I can't wait to see how you grow and develop into your personality. I know your dad can't wait to play with you and have you play back! You're a pretty laid back're taking this whole life thing one day at a time. We're so proud of you.

Breastfeeding has been a sweet time for us--you eat like a champ! By your 2 week check up you had already gained 1 lb 6 oz and grew 2.5 inches! Get it girl! You're in the 50th percentile for your weight and somewhere in between the 75th and 90th for height.

I love to dress you up (you almost always have a headband on)! You're still wearing newborn size clothes and diapers--I thought you'd be out of them by now, but I know soon enough you'll be growing some more so I'm treasuring this time of you being so tiny!

You really do sleep, eat, and poop all day long...but I've been enjoying these days because I know they'll be gone all too soon. I can already tell that we're going to be best of friends, little one.

We're still figuring this whole parenting thing out & each day I'm walking in the grace that God offers.

I love you, Hazel Louise.




  1. The most beautiful love letter I've ever read. So happy for you two and Baby NYC. Glenda Cameron

  2. Little baby, oh so sweet
    Tiny hands and tiny feet
    Sent to us by God above
    To fill our hearts with joy and love;
    This gift so rare and beautiful is one we can't repay
    So thank you God, we'll hold her close each and every day;
    And we will treasure all she does and tell her of your grace
    and think about your blessings as we kiss her tiny face.
    Thank you, God, for Hazel Louise Pursley!