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Monday, June 15, 2015

Hazel Louise :: one month

 & so it begins...time is now "flying" as they say.

Some days it really does feel like its been a full month & other days I think, "you were just born!" This month was full of family&friends meeting our sweet girl, yummy meals (friends brought us meals for 2 whole weeks! We've been so spoiled! I don't know if I'll remember how to cook now though...), & lots of emotions.

People ask, "How's it going?!" & to be completely honest I do think it's going well...Hazel is a pretty laid back gal, she eats like a champ, and for the most part sleeps at night--waking up every 2-3 hours (this week she's even had some 4 hour stretches!) for feedings.  We're definitely tired and still adjusting to life as parents...I've had my fair share of melt downs (whew, hormones!).

I want to take in & remember every little thing about this month...from Hazel's eye color changing to her big gummy smiles. I was looking over all the photos I've taken this month (SO many!) & it's hard to believe that just over a month ago this lil babe was in my belly!

Hazel eats like a champ! Most days she is really consistent with a schedule--every 2-3 hours. There's been a few days (maybe 3 or 4) where she'll eat every hour for a span of 4-5 hours. She's been growing a lot this month though so the doctor says those times are probably during a good growth spurt. Although she's a great eater I got mastitis when Hazel was 2 weeks old...I had no idea what this was until I had it! Super painful! ah! I got on some antibiotics and it cleared up in about 5 days (praise the Lord!).
I've pumped a few times, but we haven't given Hazel a bottle just yet. We probably will soon though.

Our little babe is a pretty great sleeper. The past few nights she's had some 4 hour stretches (I'm still learning this whole mom thing...I woke up in a panic the first time this happened thinking she was starving because it had been 4 hours! Matt calmed me down and reassured me she was just fine!) She's still sleeping in a bassinet in our room, but I'm thinking we'll start her in her crib next week (I think the distance from where the bassinet is now and where her crib is in her room is a whopping 10 feet...maybe? Ha! Gotta love NYC apartments!)

We haven't taken any subways or buses just yet--waiting until we get her first shots--so we've been taking cabs if we go anywhere outside of our neighborhood. Hazel loves the car rides and is usually asleep by the time we start driving. Matt and I have gotten pretty fast at getting the carseat buckled in and the stroller in the trunk!

Oh man, Hazel is so fun and she doesn't even really do anything yet! She smiles at Matt at least once a day since last week. She loves to stare at his hair-line...we think it must be the contrasting colors of his dark hair and light skin. Her facial expressions crack us up and we love her cuddles. She's pretty quick to stop her fussiness if we can figure out what she's usually a quick diaper change or she's hungry. Overall, she's a pretty laid back newborn.

9 lbs 9 oz
21. 5 inches long
grayish color eyes--they looked gray/blue for a while, but
now they're turning more gray/brown. 
dimples like her Momma, Uncle Patrick, & Gigi :)
lots&lots of dark hair!

Hazel gained almost 3 lbs in one month (She was 6 lbs 13 oz when she was born) & grew 2.5 inches!

Oh many things in this first month!
-Taking you home from the hospital
-All your firsts: meeting so many friends&family, smiling, holding onto our finger with your whole hand, first nap in your crib, first doctors visit, first girl-outing with mom to a coffee shop, first shopping trip
-One thing Matt & I will definitely remember is Hazel's projectile-poop...we didn't know that was possible! One of the funniest & grossest things we've ever experienced.
-Meeting Gigi & Uncle Patrick
-Meeting Grandma & PawPaw



You are such a joy, little one. You have made me cling to the Lord in ways I never have before...thank you. You've also caused me to lay down my pride (gulp...) and ask for help...from your dad and from friends...thank you. Its been a challenging, stretching, and beautiful month. I'm so thankful I get to be your momma. 
I love you, little Hazel Lou.



  1. Sabrina, she is so beautiful! That head of hair!!! There are so many cliche things I could say and tell you but you've heard it a million times and you will figure it out. Just know you are doing good, Mama!

  2. So sweet. She is changing so fast! I sure do miss her. Love you guys!