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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hazel Louise :: 2 months

You are so much fun, Hazel Lou! I really think each day with you is more fun than the last. Life with you is starting to feel a bit more normal. Your dad and I are beginning to understand your different cries and what you need with each one. You're sleeping longer periods (which is just lovely!), you smile so much, & you are absolutely fascinated with your mobile + play mat (your favorite is the mirror on your smile at yourself quite often!).

This past month has been full! We took a trip to Lake Placid where you took your first boat ride (a pedal boat of course), you met a ton of your family members from upstate NY, you saw your first movie in the movie theater (Inside Out...we loved it! you slept through most of it though so you'll probably have to watch it again...), you had your first "play date" with Miss Alynne (you slept a lot here too..), you've been to church + community group, BBQs (your first 4th of July!), we've read books (my favorite is Spoon...hoping yours will be too!), we went to the mountains with friends and watched your dad rock-climb, you took your first plane ride, & we've even started baby activities like you kicking tissue paper and other fun things during tummy time.

I keep you pretty busy throughout the day (I even made you a stargazing box, ha!). I'm realizing my passion for helping people grow&develop is quite fitting for being a momma. I find the newness of each day with you exciting and challenging & I absolutely love having a front row seat to your life, sweet girl...such a gift.

Still eating like a champ. We've given Hazel 2 bottles so far--she did great! Breastfeeding feels much more comfortable now than it did last month--like we both figured out what we need to do which is great. Because Hazel's been sleeping longer at night (!) she's dropped her 2am/3am feeding (& I am totally okay with that!).

Oh man, Hazel turning 6 weeks was a game changer. I have no idea what happened, but she started sleeping more&longer at night--thank you, Lord! So far her longest stretch has been 7 1/2 hours...I woke up freaking out and thought, "Is she still alive?!" That's only happened once, but whew! it was great! Her average is 4-5 hours now...which is so much better than 2-3 hours.

She still thinks bedtime is around 11pm-midnight...hoping that changes as she gets a little older. She likes to wake up around 7:30am to eat, but then likes to take another snooze until around 9 or 10am (not quite a morning person like her momma...she takes after Matt in being a night owl!).

Hazel still loves to sleep in her stroller & she loves the baby carriers too! Whenever she's in one (the Moby or the Ergo) it's not long before she's fast asleep. I'm actually wearing her in the Moby as I type & she's snoozin' (I'm doing laundry and it's a lot easier to wear her down to the basement than to push her in the stroller along with all the clothes).

She's sleeping in her own room now too! We transitioned her to the bassinet in her room and then to the crib. It took a little bit, but it finally happened!

I'm probably biased, but Hazel is such a doll! She smiles, is so alert, and kicks&squirms all day long! She has so many facial expressions--I love it! Matt is still her favorite person to smile at & I think I'm tied for 2nd with the toys attached to her play-mat...I'll take it though. :) She's super laid back and is content to just lay&squirm on the floor.

Right now we're in Colorado for our staff conference and we've been putting her in our portable bassinet-type-thing under the table, under our seats, in the booth with us...really where ever...she loves that thing! It still keeps her in one area which we love, but she can still squirm and move around which she loves--it's a win-win!

still lots&lots of hair! its lightened up this month though--not as dark.
11 lbs 6 oz
22.5 inches long
-->hangin' out in the 50th percentile for both
everyone says she looks like Matt :)
Laying on her tummy she can pick up her head, turn it, and lay it back down (who knew I could be SO proud of a head lift&turn?! Man, I cheered so loud!)

Hazel smiling and being so interested in her mobile for the first time.
First plane ride (to Colorado for Cru's national staff conference)
First time out of the City/First vacation (Lake Placid & upstate to visit family)
First time on a lake (Mirror Lake)
First 4th of July (picnic in Central Park)
First time sleeping in own room&crib
First time taking the bus--we took the M4 to community group

Thursday, July 2, 2015

hazel lou's nursery

almost 4 months ago I wrote about transition & the beautiful mess it is. i'm still in transition in many ways, but thankfully (at least for a little while!) baby girl's room is set. i really love how it turned out! lots of things were gifts, some things I made, some things we bought & many things were stuff we had around the apartment. 
it sure looks a lot different than it did 4 months ago!

curtains :: target
crib :: gift from Hazel's grandparents :: amazon
sunburst mirrors :: target
dresser :: IKEA
rug :: IKEA
gold mirror :: homegoods
changing pad cover :: amazon

everything else we either had or I made. 
i had a lot of fun setting it up, but I'm super thankful it's done & Hazel is here!