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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hazel Louise :: 3 months

Oh sweet Hazel, you are finally sleeping right now! Please keep doing so....all night would be great! We traveled a lot this past month (CO, VA & NC)--we've been home just over a week and its been quite the struggle for you. Sleeping was a piece of cake for you while we were away...some nights you even slept for 9 hours! Glorious! Since being home though...whew buddy...we've taken a few steps back. Your dad keeps reminding me that you're just 3 months old & that we'll get the hang of this whole sleeping thing soon. :)
While we were down south you got to meet so many of your family members! Mostly your family on your dads side, but you did meet your great-grandma & grandpa from my side too! Your Grandma Pursley planned this beautiful party and everyone came over to your Grannie's house to meet you for the first time!
You also got to meet our church family in North Carolina--they even had a "meet Hazel" party just so everyone could come and meet you! It was such a special time.

This month I have had so much fun with you, I've felt overwhelmed at times (mostly when I'm super sleepy!) & sometimes I think my heart just might explode because of how much I love our little family. You are such a joy, Hazel Lou. Seriously. Your dad and I are totally in love with ya!
This month you are smiling a ton and you've started to giggle! Oh it is just the sweetest sound I've ever heard! I love the mornings with you...I go into your room and you're just a squirmmin' (you do this pretty frequently!) in your crib with a big ol' smile on your face! Mornings with you are one of my favorite things. We sing & giggle. It's a blast.

morning cuddles with dad

meeting Isaiah

Your great-Grannie

aunt ashley & your cousin Hannah

your sleepy face

cuddling with sophie :)

Girl, you eat like a champ! You're definitely a Pursley ;)

The longest you've slept is 9 hours at night--it was awesome! We've hit a bit of a speed bump, but I know we'll work through this. All in're a great sleeper. I just like the 9 hour stretches and want them to continue, ha!

So, so sweet. Smiley, squirmmy, & giggly :) You don't mind being passed around/held by whoever.

Your hair is getting lighter for sure! You have the longest eye-lashes! They're beautiful :)
You have so many facial expressions--they're hilarious.
Not sure of your weight&height--there's no 3 month check up.
We moved up to size 2 diapers.
You are also so strong! You are really growing in your head/neck control and love to sit up (with help of course). You're super alert and love to watch your surroundings. You really enjoy tummy time and all the activities I make you do (tummy time on tissue paper, tummy time looking in the mirror). I'm not sure who has more fun--me or you!

People always ask who you look like and right now you definitely look more like your dad, but I see a little bit of me in you too. It's pretty crazy how God designs us--a little bit of me, a good bit of your dad, and a lot of unique traits that only you, Hazel Louise Pursley, those eyelashes! You didn't get those from me!

First trip down south
First road trip (we rented a car & drove down south)
First time meeting SO many important people! Lots of family on your dad's side & your great-grandma & great-grandpa on my side.
First wedding--Chavis & Erin (college friend)--you danced with dad on the dance floor and we decided you're never getting married :)

We adore you, Hazel Lou. We love praying with you, reading books together, and making you laugh. Being your momma is one of the most challenging & most fun things I've ever experienced...looking forward to all the challenges & fun times that are ahead of us! 
You are such a gift & are so loved!