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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hazel Louise :: 4 months

are you really 4 months old?! life just keeps getting more&more fun with you. I could watch you learn and take things in all. day. long. 

Eating like a champ! I saw you eyein' that cupcake last week...not yet, little missy!

you love your sleep, but getting you to fall asleep has been a bit of a challenge these past few days with your new found love of rolling over. I hear you'll get used to the rolling over and going to bed will be better soon (until you find other fun things to do like pulling your self up & crawling...oh man..). Overall though you're a great sleeper. You sleep anywhere from 8-12 hours at night (if someone told me a few months ago me that you'd sleep that long I would have laughed...) & take 3 naps a day. 

SO FUN! You really are a blast! You make us laugh a lot which in turn makes you's a pretty fun cycle. ;) You're very determined and super sweet. You love being around people.

You have your 4 month appt tomorrow...I'll update it when  know :)
[*** update:
-weight: 14 lbs 11 oz (60th percentile)
-height: 25.25 inches (81st percentile)
-you're a healthy, growing girl!]
Your hair is coming in thicker and lighter.
Still in size 2 diapers.
Still super strong and you are trying so hard to sit up all on your own! ah!

-we took a momma-daughter trip to Houston to see your Gigi this month. [thanks Southwest for making our trip so easy&smooth...I was so nervous about flying solo with a little one and you made it the easiest flight I've ever been on (&yes, that includes when I've flown without a little one!) thank you!] We had SO much fun going shopping, driving around in a car (well, you don't love the carseat--but I think it made you appreciate the subway more!), and spending time with family. thanks for having us uncle fred, greg, & gigi!
-rolling over for the first time!
-you've started sucking your thumb...
-first time on campus 

"we're going to see Gigi?!?!"

waiting in the airport (I made us get there suuuuper early!)

Pools! ('cause it's hooooot...)
Sleeping baby!

lunch with Gigi

hangin' with Gigi

shopping with Gigi

loungin' by the pool

sleepy girl :)

hammin' it up.

Southwest let Gigi come back to the gate with us!

this month really has been a blast. you're laughing, 'cooing', rolling over (what?!), holding toys, and putting everything in your mouth. every day with you is more&more fun. when you laugh or 'coo' it's as if my heart is smiling inside. I could listen to you babble all day. I ask you questions like, "and then what happened?" & you continue to talk as if we really are chatting about what went down at tummy time. I absolutely love it & look forward to many more conversations with you!

Baby girl, even when you are doing absolutely nothing I find you fascinating, and even when you're screaming and overtired my love for you does not change. I will always love you...this whole parenting thing and the overwhelming amount of love I have for you has given me just a taste of how much the Lord loves me. 

As I pray I'm overwhelmed that God loves listening to me (there are times when it probably sounds like babbling...) and He doesn't grow tired of it. Not only does He love listening to me...but He loves me...for me. Exactly who I am...when I'm messy, overtired, cranky and when I'm happy & well rested. He's there and His love never fades. 

"I love you, Lord, my strength." [Psalm 17:1]

 Hazel Lou...Jesus is our strength. It's because He first loved me that I am able to love. It is my prayer that you would know Jesus intimately. He is our everything, sweet one. 

You are such a sweet gift from the Lord. Thank you for bringing so much joy into our world. We love you!

*we also got some great family photos taken by a dear friend & incredible photographer Katelyn Creech! Check out her website here!