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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hazel Louise :: 5 months

Hazel Lou! You're FIVE months! I'm loving this stage with you. You're fascinated with almost everything (from my hand, to the bus, to actually find Ginsy hilarious and then I start laughing which makes you laugh even more. It's so fun.) and you want evvvverything in your mouth. Oh & the much. drool. I love it. You want Sophie the Giraffe with you at all times, you're sleeping so well at night, and you cannot wait to sit up all on your own.

This past month we moved apartments. I am beyond thankful for how the Lord provided for our new home, but I still cried when we left. It was the first home your dad and I ever had together, one of the only places where I felt like I could breathe & just "be" when we first moved to the city, where we brought you home from the hospital, & where so many of our "firsts" as a family took place. We are loving our new space though and I'm sure in no time it will start to feel like home.

This month you attended your first Fall Retreat & went to your first college football game (Columbia vs. Penn)! It's been a fun month, kiddo.

Still eating like a champ & growing! Next month we're going to start some solid foods...I'm verrrrry excited about it! :)

Girl! You are sleeping through the night! Last month sleeping was limited in the Pursley we had to make some pretty significant changes. We let you cry-it-out & although there are lots&lots of opinions on the matter of sleep & worked for you! You're sleeping about 12 hours at night and I think you actually look forward to bedtime! Nap time...well that's another story ;) You love yourself a nice, short nap, missy!


Daily I can see more&more of your personality coming out and I'm loving it! You're not big on cuddling--you would rather squirm and play. You're super active and like room to move! Being on your play mat with toys is one of your favorite things, although I think your favorite thing is being tossed up in the air by Dad. You love to look at yourself in the mirror and will laugh for as long as we hold you there. :) You like your space and are totally fine playing by yourself with us close by.

I'm not sure how much you weigh now, but you're definitely growing! You're wearing size 3-6 month clothes, but in pj's you're up to 9 months. You're hair is getting longer and thicker. You are trying so hard to sit up on your own...I think it'll happen this month :) You're still in size 2 diapers, but I think we're going to move ya up to 3 within the next week or so. You're healthy and growing lots, little one!

-new home!
-first fall retreat
-first college football game

heading to fall retreat! you look thrilled ;)

You are so very loved, Hazel Lou. We are beyond thankful that the Lord chose us to be your parents. It's so much fun being your momma! Love you, baby girl!


  1. Brought tears to my eyes...the conversation with Tyrell and the 2 new girls...and the beautiful comments and pictures of sweet Hazel! So, glad for the blessing of God in your lives! Hold on to these when the times are rough! :) He is walking with you through the good and bad. Right now...we just say, "Go, God!" Love you guys and praying for His continued blessing! Linda

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