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Sunday, October 18, 2015

weekend fun

Fall is my favorite season. I think a huge reason is the fashion (I love boots, scarves, and layers!), but I also love all the fun actives that come with picking, football, drinking a warm drink when it's chilly outside. Oh man, I just love it!

This weekend we went to Columbia University's homecoming football game (go lions!). It was also our alma-mater's homecoming back in North Carolina (go bears!) and I was pretty bummed to be missing it, so I was grateful to be at a football game. 

I had been up by Columbia's stadium before (it's right by Indian Road Cafe...ah-mazing.), but I'd never been inside. As we walked into the stadium Matt and I couldn't stop smiling...we couldn't believe we were in a college football stadium right in Manhattan! On top of it being Columbia's homecoming it was also family weekend. It was so fun being there and experiencing it all!

 lil miss before we headed to the game:

 waiting on the bus:

  We made it! 

It started getting pretty windy and cold during the second half so we headed out and went to Indian Road Cafe (yum!).

Hazel tried to take a sip of my latte...she has good taste ;) thankfully that didn't happen, ha!

We had a lot of fun & made it home just in time for
baby girl's bedtime.

I hope y'all are enjoying fall!

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