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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hazel Louise :: 6 months

There has only been a handful of times in my life when I've thought to myself, "I wish this moment could last forever..." Last night was one of them. Let me preface by saying around 4:30pm I was looking at the clock and thinking, "I reeeeally can't wait until it's bedtime." It's been a long week. Your dad has been really sick, you have an eye-infection, and I feel like I haven't sat down for more than 3 minutes.

So yesterday, Friday afternoon, I was looking forward to you going to sleep so I could just sit & be, but as quickly as I had that thought I felt a nudge in my heart. The nudge was so soft and tender, but I felt it and heard, "Don't wish this day away...enjoy your little, feisty, adventurous girl." I took a deep breath, asked the Lord for strength, & thanked Him for giving me perspective.

Your dad had to work late, but you and I had so much fun together. & when it was bedtime I wasn't ready to put you down. We don't normally do a ton of cuddles at bedtime (you're not the most cuddly little one & you are usually ready to go to bed right away), but last night after I sang to you, you fell asleep in my arms. This isn't normal... but on the rare occasions that you do fall asleep in my arms I usually would wake you up a little, place you in your crib, and you'd fall right back asleep as I shut your door...but last night I just held you because I wasn't ready for bedtime. I just held you and walked around your room thanking God for the gift that you are. It was such a special moment and I thought, "I wish this moment could last forever..." I know it can't and I know you're growing so fast. I think that's why it was so special. I feel like I blink and you're another month older..I don't want to wish any day away with you, little one.

I am so thankful God changes hearts. He sees us, baby girl and He cares for us. He cares about the big things in life (like people coming to know Him, homelessness, & justice in this broken world) and small things (like a momma being worn out & giving her strength to love and serve her family). The Lord loves us so much, Hazel, and I pray every day that you will have a personal relationship with Him.

This past month went by fast! You started eating some solid foods, you're so close to sitting up on your own, and we had a babysitter (besides family) for the first time (Dad handled it better than I did!). I honestly can't believe you're 6 months old. I love seeing your personality come out more&more. I feel like I live in the tension of loving you being a little babe & also loving watching you develop into this little person with your own personality. I often find myself wondering about things like what your voice will sound like and what your favorite color will be. It's so fun watching you explore and be fascinated by every-day things (like the coffee LOVE that thing!)

So we started to eat some solid foods this month. I think the thing you love most about eating solid foods is sitting in the highchair (ha!). So far you've had sweet potatoes (you weren't sure about them at first...but now you love 'em), prunes (oh man, you were NOT a fan), and carrots (we don't give Gins people-food, but he ate a LOT of carrots that day...).

You are sleeping about 12-13 hours at night. You love bedtime & you really love bedtime at 6pm. Your dad and I wanted your bedtime to be around said, "Thanks, but no thanks." So 6pm it is. You wake up around 6:30-7am everyday. You love your night time sleep! Naps during the day are a bit of a struggle, but we're definitely getting better at them! You take 3-4 naps a day (about 30-40 minutes long). I'm sure when we get down this schedule you'll grow/develop some more and we'll have to figure it all out again! :)

You love being around people, you smile about 90% of the day (the 10% of fussiness is before let us know loud & clear it's time for bed!), you have favorite toys (sophie the giraffe, board books, and your blocks...the pink elephant is making her way up there too!), you giggle lots, and really enjoy tummy time.
You've also started waving which is probably the cutest thing ever! You love the response from people when you wave at adorable.

You are growing to really dislike diaper changes and will do everything in your power to make them the hardest thing for whoever is changing you. Thanks for that.

you're waving!

-We find out on Wednesday how much ya weigh. I always look forward to that part of the appointment (the shots...those are never fun). I'll update this when I find out!
-lots & lots of hair, girlfriend.
-size 3 diapers
-3-6 month clothes (9 month pj's)
-so close to sitting up on your own, but not yet!
-you're waving
-you're figuring out this whole eating foods thing
-you are putting your feet in your mouth all.the.time.
-you're super ticklish (i love it!)

-first halloween! (we didn't dress up...ah! next year, baby girl...)
-first time swinging at the playground (you weren't sure about it at first...but then you loved it!)
-first time eating solid foods

We've tried to have a cute nickname for you, but we always end up calling you Hazel Basil. Girl, I know that's not the cutest...but it's sticking soooo... I also call you Hazel Lou :) Either way, you're our Hazel Basil, Hazel Lou, baby girl, munchkin, lovey, nugget & all the other nicknames we call ya throughout the day!

We are so thankful for the gift you are & we are beyond grateful we get to be your momma and daddy. We love you so much, Hazel!