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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hazel Louise :: 7 months

Hazel Basil,

This month has been busy, full, long, & short at the same time. You've grown a ton this month! We've loved watching you figure out how to push up unto your knees into a crawling position, to squeal, and scoot around on your belly. It's really fun watching you learn! One of your favorite things to do right now is be held by your dad, facing away from him, and be bounced up and down. You will laugh & laugh the whole time (so we do it a lot because we love to hear you laugh!).

We traveled down to Nanny & PT's in Virginia for your first Thanksgiving! We saw Gigi and Uncle Patrick too! It was so fun. You really don't like riding in the car. Like reeeeally don't like it. You're used to the subway & buses so the whole carseat thing is not your favorite. We're trying again next week for Christmas though...your dad and I are hopeful that you wont scream the whole time we're in the car. ;)

We're still trying some new foods. This month we've tried green beans, bananas,
 =and apples. Just tonight you started to like apples! So far sweet potatoes & apples are at the top of your list. You're not eating a lot (like 2-5 spoonfuls...), but I hear that's normal and you'll start to eat more as you continue to figure this whole eating thing out. You've also started to use ("use" is a strong's more like "play with") a sippy cup. I just let you play with it one day, and then you figured out how to use it all on your own! You're still unsure about water, but you're liking it more and more.

You still go to bed around 6pm. Sometimes you want to be in bed around 5:30...crazy! Some days we're just not able to make it home by your bedtime--you get a little fussy, but the latest we've had you up is 7:30pm and even though you weren't happy we all survived. :) The past few nights you've been waking up randomly (which is a little weird since you've been sleeping through the night for about 3 months now). I'd love to know whats going on to make you wake up, but I have no idea. You go back to bed within 30 minutes though so we're all still getting plenty of sleep. You're still taking 3 naps a day. Your first nap is the longest (I think this is considered a nap? What happens: you wake up around 6:45am, I feed you, you go back to sleep for 1-2 hours. Either way, I'm a fan.) and then you have two 30 minute naps (one in the morning, one in the afternoon).

You're a smiley, happy girl! You LOVE being around people. Everywhere we go you smile & coo at people...making them smile and talk with you (which you absolutely love). You love to laugh and squeal which is probably the most adorable thing I've ever seen. You're a ton of fun and I really enjoy you!

You get sad/mad when I leave which has been a bit of a challenge the past 2 weeks. You would rather be held by me than anyone else...I know I'll miss these days when you're older so I'm trying to cherish them now, even if I can't get anything else done! You have a blast with Dad--he is constantly making you laugh & giggle. Y'all love to play the tickle game. It's really fun watching you guys!

You LOVE riding the subway. You light up when we get on the train. Recently you started getting fussy in the stroller while we're riding and I realized it's because you can't see all the I take you out of the stroller most times and sit you on my lap. You usually have people laughing within in seconds. I love how you make people smile. :)

-On all fours in the crawling position! (ah!)
-army crawling
-scootin' on your belly
-sitting up on your own (you do fall over every now and then)
-lots&lots of squeals

-first thanksgiving!
-first Christmas season (Christmas is next week! So excited!) We walked around the Holiday Markets in Union Square & Bryant Park last weekend. We had SO much fun!
-You were dedicated in church last weekend too. We are beyond thankful for our church community. You are such a loved and cared for little girl! It can be hard not having family close by, but our church feels like family here in the city. We're so grateful!


We are so excited to celebrate the birth of our Savior with you this Christmas! 

Love you, Hazelnut! :)