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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hazel Louise :: 8 months


girlfriend, you're EIGHT months old! holy smokes. I'm becoming that mom who says, "Oh my goodness! I remember when my baby was that tiny!" when I see little babes who are only a few weeks old. When did you get so big?! You're growing so fast, you're becoming really strong, and I think you are more&more beautiful every day. I love being your momma, baby girl. so stinkin' much.

SO many things happened this month. Your first Christmas, first New Years (it was were in bed by 6pm!), first Winter Conference, & a ton of new milestones. Whew. You also found your voice this month. You haven't always been a big squealer or a loud baby, but this month you learned how to yell and make lots of noise! It's been fun listening to ya jabber. I'm pretty positive that I've heard you say ma-ma multiple times, but your dad would argue against that. ;)

Christmas was a lot of fun. Before we traveled down to North Carolina to be with the Pursley-side of the family we had our own Christmas in NYC. We got up and read the story of Jesus being born, ate breakfast, and opened some presents. You were more into the wrapping paper, boxes, & bows than the actual presents. You've actually had a small obsession with spatulas recently and wanted to play with a spatula instead of all your new toys. (Thankfully you've started to come around and are playing with your toys.) Then we went down to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree (it was freeeeezing so you stayed bundled up in your stroller). It was a really fun day followed by a Christmas party later that evening at our good friends apartment. Overall I think you'd say you really enjoyed yourself!

We rented a car to drive down to NC (something we decided we wont be doing again until you're out of a carseat...okay, maybe not THAT long, but...yeah, probably). I don't think there is a word to describe how much you hate the carseat. It's rough. We've decided trains & planes are a much better for you (& for us!). Grandma & Paw Paw LOVED seeing you and played so much with you! I'm pretty sure you loved every minute of being there.

I got the flu on Christmas eve and was pretty upset to miss out on a few things. I honestly can't remember the last time I was that sick. My temperate got up to 104 and I was in bed for almost all of Christmas eve. I wasn't able to go to church with y'all or go over to Aunt Ashley's for our annual gift exchange on Christmas eve. I was prrrretty bummed. Thankfully I got some medicine and was able to experience all of Christmas day with you and the family! Christmas day was so fun. You looked adorable and you really enjoyed trying to eat all the wrapping paper. :)

You're still breastfeeding and you seem to be totally fine with just breastmilk, but I'm hopeful that this month you'll start to enjoy eating solid foods. Everyone tells me that each baby is different and it just takes time so I'm thinking you're pretty normal. You're just not really a fan of anything other than sweet potatoes, apple sauce, & the occasional banana. I'm slightly devastated that you're still not loving green beans--they're one of my FAVORITE foods & I eat them like they're chips or something--but hey, I'll get over it, no big deal. [...I'm wondering if you get your drama-queen qualities from me? ;)]

You have slept like a champ the past 3 months. Pretty much 12-14 hours a night. Then Winter Conference happened. Oh. My. Goodness. Your schedule was definitely off and you were taking naps in the ergo (which you love), but you tend to sleep longer in the ergo than in your crib which may have contributed? I have no idea. It seems like you were up EVERY hour each night. & holy was a lot. We've been home for a day and you're already back to your 12 hour nights so I'm very thankful. Over Christmas you did great (but you were also in a different room--and at Winter Conference you were in the same room as us). Either way--we've had a few bumps, but in the big picture you're an excellent sleeper & I am very grateful!

I think I hear, "What a ham!" more times than not when I'm out with you. You have a very large personality and I love it! You love to laugh and giggle with people...actually anything with people you LOVE. You love to be out with lots and lots of people around. You love the subways because there are always tons of people for you to smile at. I love that your gummy-grin makes so many people smile. You're a blast and I can't wait to see more and more of your personality come out. Thanks for making me laugh and smile all day long :)

-I think you're looking more and more like me, but that's just my perspective ;)
-Your hair is growing a ton!
-you're definitely getting heavier! (I don't know if my arms have ever been this toned!) We'll see your weight & height at your 9 month check up.
-You're crawling around like crazy! That seemed to happen over second you were scootin' everywhere and now you're across the room in seconds! You keep me on my toes for suuuure!
-You've pulled yourself up twice
-You sit up just fine all by yourself which sometimes still blows my mind. Remember when you just laid on your back all day long? I do!


-first Christmas
-first New Years
-first trip to Florida for your first Cru Winter Conference 
-first night time flight (we'll never be doing that again...)
-Your great-grandpa, PT, passed away this month. I'm so glad you got to meet him, baby girl. He loved you SO much. So, so much.

I love being your momma. I love your cuddles (although you don't like to very often...), your laugh, when you suck your thumb, your soft hair, & your gummy smile. I love everything about ya, kiddo. So thankful for you & the joy you are! Love you so much, Hazel Louise!

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