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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hazel Louise :: 9 months


Hazel Louise,

You've now been outside the womb just as long as you were inside the womb. Man, oh man. I can hardly believe it. You're pulling up (I cried the first time you pulled up with ease...), eating a TON of solid food, and keeping us all on our toes with your fast crawling abilities! You really are a lot of fun. People constantly ask me, "Is she always this smiley?/laughing?" & honestly you are 90% of the time...the other 10% includes crying when you're tired, hungry, or just plain grumpy ;) We love you 100% of the time though...happy & giggly or grumpy & crying.

You're eating SO much now! Isn't it crazy how much can change in just one month? You're eating pretty much anything I give you...ham, turkey, peas, bananas, oranges, blueberries, rice, pasta, potatoes, green beans (finally!), apples, carrots. You ate some of my Thai food last night and you loved it! Your FAVORITE food: cheerios. Hands down. You now have about 2 bottles of formula along with breastmilk throughout the day. This was quite the transition for me...not so much for you. I'm just really thankful you like food and enjoy eating!

I think we may finally be figuring naps out? Possibly? (once we figure it'll change again I'm sure) You're taking two naps a day--one in the morning around 9:30am and one in the afternoon around 1:30pm. We'll see how long that lasts ;) You're still sleeping through the night though! You still love to go to bed at 6pm (sometimes 5:45pm even...) and you wake up around 6:45am.

Oh have such a BIG personality! I love it! You're growing more and more into your own and it's such a joy to watch. You think pulling up on things is hilarious, you give high fives now, and since you've started crawling like crazy you're now getting into evvvvverrrrryyyything (and you're loving it)!

You weigh 18 lbs 11 oz and are 27.5 inches tall. You're a healthy little girl! Your hair is so long your pediatrician said you looked like Justin Bieber (I wonder if you'll know who that is when you read this one day?) You're a FAST little crawler! I feel like you've grown so much physically & developmentally this month. You are not a fan of diaper changes (nothing new here...) but now you're able to flip, pull up, sit up, and start crawling away (all at once sometimes!)...this makes for a fun time, ha!

-first Valentines day
-first blizzard! (almost 30 inches!)
-first Superbowl (go panthers! was a sad day in our home...)
-first time I left you overnight! (ah!) I went to Massachusetts for two nights for a work conference and left you home with Dad. I missed you and Dad so very much, but I was proud of us that we did it!

This blogpost feels short, baby girl...& that's mostly because you're crawling around and getting into everything at the moment! I love you and am so very proud of you. Thanks for being so much fun. I'm so thankful I get to be your momma! Love you, munchkin!