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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hazel Louise :: 10 months

I cannot believe you're in double-digits, girl! You're 2 months away from being a ONE year old! You seem so much older to me recently. Developmentally you've grown so much this past month. You're squealing and babbling a whole lot more--sometimes it feels like we're having a full-blown conversation, and it makes me excited for when I can actually understand what you're saying. ;)

You've been a little clingy & cuddly the past few might have something to do with your FIRST TOOTH coming through! Crazy!

You eat everything & anything & lots of it! I've started making you your own egg in the morning (which you eat all of). You love yogurt, cheerios, strawberries, chicken, and raisins. You love to try new food and although we've tried & tried to teach you to use sign language you still insist on  flapping your arms & yelling, "ah! ah! ah!" to tell us you want more. :) You're down to 4 bottles a day.

Napping around 9:30am & 1:30pm (for about 30-45 minutes each)...I'm thankful for the (somewhat) consistency of this nap schedule! With the time change this month we were able to move your bedtime to 7pm--making it much easier for family dinners! Also, you wake up anywhere from 7-7:30am now. I'm loving it. This may be the first year in my life that I was thankful for the "spring forward" time change!

You don't seem like a little baby're growing & developing into this little child and it's kind of incredible to watch. I feel so privileged to be your momma. You've been a little shy with new people--even bashful! It's kind of adorable.

You seem to be mellowing out a bit this month--you're not as wild & crazy as ya have been. Don't get me wrong, you're still wild & crazy....but you seem to have taken it down a notch or two. It could be the teething. Recently, you've started cuddling with things like the couch or a pillow. You wont cuddle for long, maybe 10 seconds or so but it's so cute when you do it!

Giggling is one of your favorite hobbies and you love to play the "1, 2, 3, get momma!" game with Dad.

You love to help our staff team by "typing" on their computers and keeping us all entertained with your crawling, laughing, and big smiles.

Your love for all-things-paper is incredible. I turn around and you have a whole tissue in your that happens when there are no tissues in sight is beyond me! We've had to hide all the toilet paper rolls from you because it seemed like even if the door to the bathroom was shut you somehow could break through. You're a very curious little girl! ;)

You're getting so big! You're wearing 6-12month clothes (& always look stylish.) You have 2 bottom teeth coming through! You've been pulling up on furniture for a while, but now you're starting to walk the length of the couch while holding on it. You like to walk while holding onto our hands too! I can't believe it! You're jabbering up a storm and constantly saying, "da-da." We have a fun game going...I say "momma!" & you laugh and say, "dada!" I'm hopeful sometime soon you'll reply, "momma!" Your high-pitched squeals are out of this world and make me smile every time. It's safe to say I think you're just plan adorable, Hazel Lou!

-1st trip to the Natural History Museum
-1st time really playing on the playground. & by playing I mean crawling around and letting us hold you while you go down the slide. (we loved it though!)
-We started 'Tot School' this month. I got pretty much all my stuff from Miss Brooke (she's so great!)-- you're still a little too young for a lot of things, but you enjoyed painting & singing! Below is a picture of you painting you first art piece! I put a piece of paper & some paint in a ziploc baggy and you squished the paint all around. We made more painting and sent them to Grandma & Pawpaw and Gigi! They loved getting mail from you!

I'm so very thankful for you, sweet girl. I love everything about you & am often blown away that I get the privilege of raising you. You teach me so much! Thanks for all the giggles & smiles--you are such a joy, Hazel Louise!