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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hazel Louise :: big sister!

Hazel Lou,

Your little sister has been here for just over two weeks and you are really killin' this big sister thing. Seriously...I'm SO proud of you! Your dad and I prayed you would have a smooth transition into being a big sister and so far it really has been.

When we first brought Eleanor home you were so excited and tried to grab her out of the carseat to hold her! Seeing the way you love her already melts my heart. You give E kisses + hugs +
'boops' on the nose all the time and it's beyond adorable. You love to hold her and pat her back as if you're burping her. Oh and you call her 'Nor Nor''re so stinkin' cute, kid.

You are always so eager to help me take care of Eleanor. For the first week you wanted Eleanor to wear a hat at all times so if she wasn't wearing one you would sprint into my room and grab one of her hats, race back out to wherever we were and try to put it on her head. So funny and adorable!

Although you've taken the transition really well I have noticed a few changes in're wayyyyy more cuddly than you've ever been (I'm SO not complaining! I love it!) and you are way more clingy to me. Even with those things you're so excited about Eleanor. You're excited to see her every morning and always want to love on her.

You seem so grown up to me since bringing home Eleanor...I have shed a few tears this week as I've tried to figure out how to be there for both of you and meet both of y'alls needs. The Lord has been so patient + gracious with me as I forget all too often that he's really in control and I can't do things perfectly. Your dad has been so sweet and has reminded me over + over to be patient with myself and with this season of our lives. I know it's a big change going from being the only kiddo to having a little sister...we'll figure this thing out together, Hazel-girl.

I've so enjoyed our Hazel-Momma time this past week...playing leggos + reading books with you has never been so sweet. I'm excited for our Hazel-Momma dates in the future too. You're such a fun, creative little girl!

I love you more than I could ever say. Thanks for being you...thanks for dancing whenever music comes on, clapping for yourself when you think you've done a job well-done, for getting SO excited when we come in your room to get you in the morning, running all over the apartment with your adorable toddler-run, for your wet kisses, tight hugs, + sweet cuddles. I love being your mom, kiddo. I think you're so great.

Love you always,