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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Eleanor Fay :: One Month

Eleanor Fay,

You're one month old! It has been both a fast + long month. You came in with a bang right on your due date, December 13th! I was so sure you were going to be early but you came right on time. My water broke at 12:30am, contractions started immediately, and I was holding you in my arms at 2:51am. Labor with you was INTENSE + crazy fast. I'm glad we left for the hospital when we did because I really didn't want you to be born in a taxi! ;)

This whole month has been packed full of family, holidays, and lots of snuggles. We've been out and about way more than when your sister was one month old. We just strap ya on and go! You've been on the subway multiple times and even tagged along when Dad took me out on a date last week. We have a little portable-bassinet type thing and we just laid you next to the did great! No one knew we had a baby with us until I took you out to feed you. :)

Your big sister is quite obsessed with you--giving you hugs + kisses all the time. She loves to "boop" you on your nose and will say, "Nor Nor!" over + over again in a sad voice when you start crying. She loves to hold you and helps me burp you after each feeding. I love watching you little ladies together and I pray you two will grow up to be great friends.

You've been a great eater from the get-go. We tried to give you a bottle today and you wouldn't take we're going to start working on that some more and hopefully you'll take one soon! You are a very healthy little girl and I'm so grateful.

You're a pretty great sleeper--you've had a handful of nights that have been rough, but you've already done some 5 hour stretches! Crazy! You generally sleep 3-4 hour stretches at night...but you're only a month old so I'll take it. :)

I can't're a little fussy ;) You're still figuring this whole life-thing out so I know the fussiness wont last forever. You love to be held, swaddled, and wrapped up in the moby-wrap or worn in the Ergo (which is great because you sleep while I chase your sister around!). You're not a fan of laying down by yourself on the play-mat for more than 5-10 minutes or in the rock n' play for very long either and you let us know! Our pediatrician told us from two-weeks to one-month old can be a gassy & fussy time and we're seeing that be true for you! But I love ya even in your fussiness, sweet thing. So very much.

-We go to the doctors tomorrow & I'll update your weight and height
-blue eyes (I think they'll change to brown, but they're still blue right now)
-dimples just like your sister, momma, Gigi, & Uncle Patrick! :)
-wearing 0-3 month clothes
-size 1 diapers--you wore newborn until about 3 weeks old

-taking you home from the hospital
-New Years
-meeting so many family&friends
-first trip on the subway
-first time I took you and Hazel on the subway by myself!
-first time to church
-first doctors appt

It has been quite the adjustment for me to go from one to two kiddos. In many ways its been easier for me to adjust from one to two than from zero to one...that doesn't mean its been easy, but I have some experience under my belt this time around! I've also experienced grace this past month in ways I never have before and I'm overwhelmed by the goodness of the Lord. I'm learning to not be such a neat freak (but to be honest I'm still a pretty big neat freak), to ask for help more often, and to give myself grace when things don't go the way I had it planned in my head. Your dad has been so wonderful, caring, and loving...he's done the dishes SO many times which he knows is my love language! You were born into a super loving family, baby girl...we're also pretty fun! We're so glad you're here, Eleanor Fay.

I love you so much, baby girl.