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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Eleanor Fay :: 2 months

Nor Nor,

Man oh man. That nick-name has stuck! I also call you Ellie Fay, Elle, & E...but Dad & Hazel both call you Nor Nor more than Eleanor. I honestly never thought about that nick-name when we were naming you, but aren't those the best nick-names? Hopefully you think so...

This past month has been pretty busy for us as a family and thankfully you've mellowed out a TON. You're now smiling and cooing up a storm. Your big sister is still totally smitten with you and gives you lots of lovin' all day long.

You and I took a trip to New Orleans this month for a work conference. You did fantastic! Your first flight at 7 weeks and you did wonderful! You slept for most of the flight--there and back. I wore you in the ergo for most of the conference and you didn't make a peep. At night you didn't love sleeping in the hotel's pack-n-play for some reason so that was a little tricky, but we managed. Overall it was a great trip and I'm glad we were able to go.

Here's a brief run down of where you're at this month:

I'm so thankful that breastfeeding as been really easy with you. You're eating about every 3 hours--sometimes less/more than that.

You're sleeping from around 10:30-11pm to 7-8am so yay! I'd love to get you starting that long stretch around 7 or 8pm, but we'll figure it out soon enough. Your naps are a little irregular, but I know we'll get in a rhythm soon. Actually as I type this I'm thinking of your sister's nap schedule over the course of her first year and I'm not sure we ever really figured it out, ha! Hazel still goes to bed at 6pm, so your dad and I are wondering if you'll do the same? If I get you girls to take a nap at the same time these days I feel like super woman!

You're so sweet :) Really. Since I was pregnant with you I would tell your dad, "I think she's just going to be the sweetest..." You LOVE being around people and you've started to smile SO much and so often.

-blue eyes
-you have hardly any hair on the top of your hair, but the back of your head is full of hair!
-wearing size 3 months
-size 1 diapers
-you love tummy time so you have pretty great head control!
-10 lbs 11 oz (you were barely 7 weeks for your 2 month check up since we had to get your shots early for our plane ride--so you were most likely a little bit bigger at 2 months)

-First plane ride to New Orleans!
-Lots of social smiles
-First time leaving you with a babysitter--we dropped you off at Aunt Kels & Uncle Cody's for a little bit one night & another night dad and I went out on a date and left you home with Marie (a friend also on staff with Cru). You did great both times!

You're such a sweet girl, Eleanor & I'm beyond grateful to be your momma.

Love you so much!


(picture overload below!)