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Saturday, March 4, 2017

enjoying you, hazel lou

Oh Hazel,

I am really loving this stage! Since you turned 18 months I've thought, "Man! This stage is SO FUN!" & honestly its just been getting more and more fun as you've been getting older. You're almost 22 months now although there are some tough (really tough) things about toddlerhood it's also just a ton of fun getting to know more of your personality and how God has wired you.

I want to remember things I'm enjoying about you right now so I jotted down a few things that stick out to me the most:

-Your adorable toddler run. You seem to pitter-patter all over the place these days and it’s incredibly adorable.
-How you say words. You’ve really turned a corner in the speaking department! All of a sudden you’re talking up a storm! You have such a little kid voice and it’s so stinkin’ cute! I love how you say, “bow” & “roll”
-How you mimic me…you “put on” deodorant, “spray” hairspray in your hair, and “put on” chapstick
-I love how much you love to read books!
-You point to the tv/computer/ipad/phone and say, “dog!” or “baby!” because you love to watch dogs or babies on YouTube
-You love, love, love your baby sister. You love to give her kisses and get so concerned when she starts to cry.
-You and dad play so hard together and I absolutely love watching y’all 
-You are so tenderhearted
-You give the best hugs
-How you say, "A-MEN" and giggle so hard after we pray before bed.
-When dad comes home you say, “dada!” and run to hug him at the door
-When I’m away you say, “momma, momma, momma…” to dad all day long ;)
-At some point we told you not to touch our coffee because it’s hot and now you call our coffee and anything else we tell you not to touch “hotttttt!”       -When the dehumidifier is full you yell, “empty!!!” (sounds like emp-eee) until we empty the water
-How you sit on the counter to help me make granola
-How you help me "unload" the dishwasher
-You get SO excited to help me take the trash downstairs (even though it is so much work to take you with me, it's so worth it to see you so excited and act like such a big girl in the elevator)
-After dinner you've started running from the front door to the living room and back (you do this over and over and over until you're tired of running!) gets lots of energy out before bedtime!
-How much you LOVE your new baby doll! It melts my momma-heart to see you take such sweet care of her. 

You're such a fun kid, Hazel Lou. Really...I'm not just saying that. I think you're a ton of fun and I'm so thankful I get to be your momma!

I love you like crazy!


^^^such a sweet moment...I think I'm going to remember it forever. Love you, kiddo.