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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Eleanor Fay :: 6 month update

Hey sweet pea,

the bigger you get the harder it is to find time to write these! this month has been a really fun month with you, kiddo. you're six whole months! half a year! i remember loving this age with Hazel be honest, the baby stage is hard for me. it's mostly sleepless nights, lots of feedings, and crying...but then it's sprinkled with sweet cuddles and coos and topped with an adorable smile and my heart melts. so we're starting to turn a corner here...the newborn stage is definitely behind us and we're sailing ahead. you've really and truly mellowed out and are one of the chillest babies i know. & oh my goodness. i'm so thankful. you're also SO happy all the time. it's amazing.

we've been traveling for a whhhhile. you've actually been traveling more in your lifetime than you've been at home. ha! traveling with two little ones can be a challenge. and it's definitely been that. i'm pretty tired, but praise the Lord you're really sleeping through the night! (besides when we were at Gigi' most definitely did not sleep through the night there.) you've met a lot of friends and family and we've found you're a pretty adaptable baby! you usually always have a smile on your face and you're even starting to get used to the carseat. if you have a good book (i.e. the very hungry caterpillar, Dora the explorer, 123 peas, etc.) you're usually pretty set.

you're eating solid foods and you LOVE it! bananas, carrots, apples, spinach, peas, pumpkin, green beans, chicken, pineapple...girl, you love it ALL. feeding you is always hilarious because we can never feed you fast enough! you're still nursing like a champ as well.

you're sleeping through the night! we're traveling a ton, so the first few nights in a new place is usually a little hard for you..but overall this month has been a game-changer. thanks for that, lady.

oh E, you're such a doll! you're so sweet and giggly it's adorable. i'm so thankful for your chill personality.

-blue eyes
-hardly any hair...maybe in a year or 2 ;)
-3-6 month clothes/6 month pj's
-size 2 diapers
-starting to army-crawl (ah!)

-lots of firsts! first time to NC and VA
-you've met so many friends of ours from college and our church in NC
-you and Hazel are starting to really play together (it's mostly her making you laugh)'s adorable.
-first time meeting your great-grandparents (on both sides)

this month has been fun with you, nor nor. thanks for being a champ with all the traveling and new things and people. i love you so much, sweet girl!



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