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Monday, June 26, 2017

family photos

ever since i was a little girl (as in way before pinterest) i loved family photos. for my 13th birthday all i wanted was to take family photos...i think that may have been the only time we took any. we also all wore matching white shirts and jeans. it was cheesy, but i loved it. 

fast-forward to now and i make my people take family photos at least once a year. i want to remember these times when my kiddos are little and what matt + i look like while were young so we can look back when we're old and grey. i cherish all these photos. 

thanks for capturing our little family so well, Cassie! (photos by cassie)

dress: francesca's (my dress is sold out, but i linked a similar one that i love!)
earrings: i made them :)
hazel + eleanor's dresses: old navy
matt's shirt: old navy
my shoes: sofft

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