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Friday, June 30, 2017

tea with bea

growing up we drank a lot of tea. when the evening settled down i would always find my mom with a cup of sleepy-time tea. i just associate tea with my mom. in fact, my mom didn't even start drinking coffee until her mid-thirties! now don't get me wrong, i'm a big coffee drinker thanks to my college days and motherhood and well, life in general. but tea is my first love.

i've had tea since i was a little girl with my mom and nanny (what i call my grandmother). my family is from England and we enjoy our tea. my nanny B (what i call my great-grandmother) is turning 94 years old this year and was the only one of her siblings born in the states. so as i've grown older and met different people and understand other cultures more i'm able to see just how much english influence is in our family. hence the tea.

my oldest daughter, hazel, recently turned two and we've had a few tea parties. she usually gets milk in her tea cup, but she tries a sip of my tea from time to time. i'm so excited to pass my love of tea down to her (and eleanor when she's old enough!). it's also just really adorable to see a two year old drinking out of a tea cup!

i love tea all the time, but i really love afternoon tea. i love it because it makes me slow down. i love the warmth on my hands as i hold the cup, the sweet smell, and the steam on my face when i hold the cup close. very rarely do i have tea on-the-go. for me, tea needs to be for a slow time where i can sit and enjoy it.

one of my favorite things is having tea with friends. the conversation always feels a bit sweeter. i think having food and drinks with others does something in our hearts that makes us want to open up and be vulnerable and be our true selves. (more on the food part later.) so i wanted to start writing a weekly, "tea with bea."

"bea" is my childhood nickname that has stuck with me through adulthood. it goes back so far my family isn't entirely sure how it started, but one story i hear is my younger brother wasn't able to say my name, so he started calling me "bea"...sabrina...bea...bea...sabrina? honestly i have no idea, but it stuck. most of my childhood and college friends call me bea. this may be news to many of my NYC friends though!

all that to say, i'd love for you to join me for tea once a week. i'll post simple things...something that's going on in my life, something that i'm loving, a funny story, or something like that. you know, stuff that we would talk about if we were sitting and chatting over tea.

i look forward to our tea dates! until then here's some of my favorite teas:

--from Alice's Tea Cup (this is one of my all time favorite restaurants and tea shops. if you're ever in NYC this is the place to go! it's magical!):
-Earl Grey Extra Fancy
-Christmas Brew (this tea is amazing! i'm not a huge fan of fruity teas, but this one is delicious and isn't over-the-top fruity. and although it's called Christmas Brew i drink it all year round! p.s. it's decaf!)

-chai tea
-classic black teas
-herbal teas
-a favorite

--for night time relaxing:
-La Tisaniere Nuit Calme (my favorite!)
-Celestial Sleepy Time (you'll always find this one in my home)

what are your favorite teas? i'd love to try them!



  1. Love this Sabrina! Although, I feel I should now start calling you Bea (: (I love that for you..). I'm looking forward to your blogs and having tea with you long distance. ❤️❤️