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Thursday, June 29, 2017

things i'm loving lately

i always love to hear of products/books/food/etc that people are enjoying so i thought i'd share some things i'm loving lately:

1. these anthropologie shorts. last week was the first time i've ever bought anything from anthropologie thanks to a giftcard. these shorts are really comfy, cute, and they're on sale right now!

2. lipstick. over the past few years i've grown to really love lipstick. these two are my current favorites: rimmel london's naughty nude color 760 (the name cracks me up!) and l'oreal paris julianne's nude 620.

3. sofft's mirabelle sandals in 'luggage brown'. i'm wearing them in the picture above and i even wrote a whole blog post about them! they're currently the only sandal i if you follow me on instagram or facebook you've probably seen me in them. :)

4. Prayer by Tim Keller--i definitely wouldn't call this a light read, but the weighty-ness of it is really challenging me and causing me to go deeper. i'm really enjoying it!

5. washi tape. i love washi tape and find ways to use it often! in our old apartment i decorated a whole wall with just washi tape. i love the little succulents on this tape!

what are things you're loving right now?!


  1. I'm loving regaining a swimming life. 3x per week, hope to continue when weather changes in the fall, join an indoor pool.

  2. Just ordered that book. Thanks for sharing!