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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Eleanor Fay :: 7 month update

ellie fay,

you're trying to "help me type" right now. meaning you're crawling over and banging your hands on the keyboard over and over. it's super helpful ;)

it's amazing to me how much you've developed this past month! i wouldn't be surprised if you were fully crawling by next're SO close! you're getting around great by army crawling, and you're quickly learning how to keep your legs bent and underneath you. Hazel likes to help you out by "teaching" you how to crawl. seeing you girls together is so fun.

i'm having a blast with you in this stage. you're smiling 95% of the time which makes life so sweet. you've been so great with all the traveling we've been doing (i'm incredibly grateful). we leave for Colorado in two days--we'll be there for 2ish weeks and then we'll be HOME! i can't wait!

you are loving food. LOVING food. it's kinda crazy. hazel wasn't really interested in solid food until around 9 months, but you kiddo! you're like give me all the food, mom! meal time is a little crazy these days, but i'm loving it (most of the time!). you're still nursing, but you've dropped a few feedings--you're nursing about every 5-6 hours now.

you're still sleeping through the night!! yayyy! you're taking a great morning nap these days anywhere from 1-2.5 hours. the afternoon naps are always a little rough for you...but you go down eventually. i'm grateful you're a great night time sleeper though :) you're sleeping from 6pm-7am typically. it's been hard with traveling, but we try really hard to keep y'alls bed time consistent.

SO, so sweet. you're so chill...i hope it continues :)

-blue eyes! i thought they'd change to brown, but it looks like the blue is sticking around!
-you're getting some thicker hair on the back of your head (ha!), but still nothing up'll come ;)
-3-6 month clothes, 6 month pj's
-size 2 diapers
-so much drooling
-since we're traveling you'll have your 6 month check up in 2ish weeks! we'll know your weight + height then
-you're army crawling ALL over the place and getting into everything, girlfriend! i can't imagine what it's going to be like when you're fully crawling... !
-you're starting to pull yourself up on things and stand on your knees, but you're also trying to stand on your've had one pretty good fall before i could catch you. you're keeping me on my toes for sure!

-we had a Lenior-Rhyne Cru reunion last weekend and you got to meet lots of mama's and daddy's friends and all their kiddos! you had fun being held and watching all the kids
-all the people you've met recently! its been a LOT of people!

this month i've been reflecting a lot about who i am (i hear this is normal for my age, and where i'm at in life with two little kiddos) and i want you to know i'm so, so grateful for you. i really do love being your mama. it's overwhelming and exhausting most of the time, but it's also so much fun and my heart often feels like it could explode because of all the love that's in it. you're an incredible little person, eleanor fay and i'm so grateful i get to be your mama.

love you always,


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