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Friday, July 14, 2017

tea with bea

happy friday!

today is a busy day of getting everything packed up (again...ha) and ready for flying out to Colorado tomorrow. every other year we have a staff conference out there. last time we went Hazel was just a few weeks old! now she's two and we have baby Eleanor who just turned seven months!

since we've been traveling around so much i'm realizing how much i love simplicity. i love finding joy in simple things.

things like tea, gluten & dairy free treats, running, coffee with a friend, blowing bubbles, and staring into space as i lounge on the couch after the girls are in bed.

one of my favorite authors, Emily Freeman, wrote a book called Simply Tuesday. i actually had the opportunity to be on her launch team and i loved everything about it. i highly recommend her book. also check out her blog. she has a way of making me be able to take a deep breath, and focus my eyes on Jesus in the midst of my crazy life.

along with finding joy in the simple things, i also love simple products. i thought i'd share some with ya in case you're wanting some more simple in your life too.

1. chatbooks. have you ever heard of them? you can turn your pictures into cute, little square books. i've used them quite a few times and they're SO easy! you can pull your pictures from instagram, facebook, or just your phone. i use the hashtags #misshazellouise & #misseleanorfay for my girls when i post things and then with chatbooks i can search the hashtag and they'll find all those pictures. so easy, so simple. hazel and i like to sit and look through them together. it's so great having printed pictures especially when most things are all digital now! (i like to use their app instead of their website--i find it to be easier, but i use their website too!)

2. kiinde twist breastfeeding gift set. guys! i WISH i had known about this sooner. this is such a game changer for me. i just found out about this about a month ago, and man this is so simple and easy. if you're in the market for anything baby-feeding related i highly recommend this. it's everything in ONE! their product description says, "pump, store, organize, warm, and feed using the same pouch!" you can just pump breastmilk right into these pouches, and then pop them into a mess, no pouring milk into a storage bag, no clean up. or if you're not breastfeeding you can just put the formula in here and also just pop it into a bottle.

THEN these pouches transition into solid-food pouches. i love how you can just keep using them! plus it's on sale right now at babies r us! i found two gift cards when we were moving a few months ago (yay for putting them in a "safe spot" and then forgetting about them!) so the gift cards covered this for me. so awesome. :)

3. simple modern water bottle. our boss gave us these at the end of the school year. i love it. it really does keep your drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 8 hours! it is heavy though, but other than that it's really great!

i hope you find joy in the simple moments this weekend. :)

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