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Friday, July 7, 2017

tea with bea

happy friday!

& happy first tea with bea :)

 what are you up to this weekend? 

we're heading to asheboro, nc, this weekend to see matt's side of the family. we've been traveling since the middle of may so we're going on week seven of traveling and i'm really starting to miss a few things from home.

mostly my bed, comfy chair, and mugs. i also really miss the city and our friends there. we wont be back home until august so we still have a good bit of traveling left to do. although i'm missing home a great deal today, i'm also really grateful for our time down south. so many things have been life giving.

do you have a place you go where it feels like your shoulders drop a little and you can take a deep breath? maybe the beach or a cabin in the woods? or maybe something more simple like a room in your home?

i've always tried to create a space in my home (even if it's just a chair in a corner with a pretty rug under it and my favorite lamp next to it) that i can drop my shoulders a little and breathe. getting away and having space to think is important to me.

traveling has proved challenging to do just that so i've been getting creative. sitting in the front seat of our borrowed car has been one of my go-to places. we don't have a car in the city, and i forgot how peaceful it can be to drive by yourself!

along with creating small spaces for me to, "just be" i also find so much comfort in being in hickory, nc. i can't really explain why, but coming to hickory always feels like coming home.

hickory is where i went to college at Lenoir-Rhyne University. it is a small school, but i loved my experience there. i can remember the first time i came and visited LR and the town of hickory. i fell in love. when i would drive back to school after christmas break i would always take a deep breath and smile when i saw LR. something about this place brings such peace to my soul.

we've been in hickory for the past two weeks and while our schedule stays pretty busy it's always such a gift to be here. and i'm always sad to say goodbye.

so today i'm reflecting on the past two weeks and all that i'm grateful for. making grateful-lists has become a practice of mine over the past few years. sometimes my heart can get bogged down with all that needs to be done, or i start thinking, "if i just had .... then my life would be easier...", or i start comparing myself to others.

whenever those things start to creep in i realize i've lost sight of the good things i've been given. on a pretty regular basis i've started keeping journals of grateful-lists. i come up with 10 things i'm grateful for that day.

sometimes i give myself a timeline...a two week grateful-list, a one-month grateful-list, a five-day grateful-list. there's really no rhyme or reason. some things on my lists are more meaningful than others--but writing it down just helps me to see all the things i have to be thankful for.

so in the midst of missing home, traveling, and also saying goodbye i thought today would be a good day for a grateful-list.

1. summer rain.

2. conversations with long-time friends who understand me and my quirks.

3. twirling like a ballerina in the kitchen with my two year old.

4. having a front porch to sit on these past two weeks (something i often dream about when i'm back in the city!)

5. the audible app. i signed up for audible a few months ago, but matt and i have been listening to Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan and it has made our car-trips much more hilarious. Jim Gaffigan has five kiddos in a two-bedroom NYC apartment so we can relate to the parenting in NYC (even if you aren't a parent in NYC it's still a hilarious book). our girls have become much more accustom to the car/carseat (yay!!), but it's still pretty challenging whenever we have to drive more than 30 minutes so this book has helped us along the way :)

6. our friends that feel like family in hickory. i could say so much about our people here. they're just so wonderful.

7. lightning bugs. these little guys make summer nights even more beautiful!

8. a new sleep shirt. okay, this one seems silly BUT i've been sleeping in the same shirt for the past 10 years. yikes. obviously not every night, but it was my go-to sleep shirt. you know when you wear and wash a shirt over and over (and over and over..) and it becomes so, so soft. well that happened...i think it gets so soft because the fabric gets so thin? well about a month ago it got a teeny hole (the first hole in 10 years! what a shirt...ha!) and i thought, "well i just sleep in it..." but then that one hole turned into three, which turned into five..and so on.

so it's with sadness i say i threw out my beloved shirt and i bought this one (it was on sale in the store, but not online). it's kind of nice to sleep in a shirt without holes :)

9. eleanor is sleeping through the night! yay! sleep!

10. crunchy leaves. i've always loved to step on them and hear the crunch under my foot. it's pretty early on in the year to have so many crunchy leaves around, but i feel like i've found so many to step on recently. it's a small, but really sweet gift.

it's amazing when you start writing them down how easy it is to just keep writing them. i'll stop at ten, but i feel like i could just keep on going.

what would be on your grateful-list? i'd love to know!

i hope you have a great weekend, friends!

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