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Monday, August 21, 2017

Eleanor Fay :: 8 months

Nor Nor,

So much has happened this month and I'm a week behind in writing this so I feel like I'm scratching my head and wondering where to start. I'm also slightly overwhelmed with all that's happened and feel like ahhhh...I don't know what to write! So I'm just going to start and we'll see where it goes. :)

You're crawling! Once you figured it out you took off like a wild woman. You are all over the place and in everything. You're also really fast! Just today I went into your room where I left you for 2 minutes and you weren't in there--somehow you passed me without me noticing. Sneaky, sneaky!

We spent this past month in North Carolina, Colorado, and back home in NYC (we're not traveling for a while!). We put you in childcare in Colorado and you did pretty great! You did get a little cold the first few days so we had to keep you out and with us, but once you cleared up you really enjoyed it there!

This has been a really fun month with you though--you're so incredibly joyful which is just so fun. Giggling is your favorite past time (especially when Daddy tickles you!). Clinginess to me has hit pretty hard this month--you really just want to be held by me all the time which can be a little overwhelming at times, but we're learning day by day and I know it will pass.

You and Hazel are playing a lot more together and making each other laugh. People told me this would happen, that one day y'all would start to play with each other and it's really here! It's been a long season of the baby stage--and it's been pretty tough. Having a 2 year old and a 8 month old is no walk in the park, but seeing y'all play together and enjoy each other has really made me so thankful.

You eat and eat and eat. You're still nursing. You've had 2 bottles of formula this past month, but it hasn't been a regular thing for ya. Yogurt is your new favorite thing--you do this funny grunting/cry noise when you see if and if we're not feeding it to you fast enough! Along with nursing about 4-5 times a day you're eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner of solid foods too.

Since we've been home you've been napping like a champ!! It's incredible. You're sleeping from 6pm-6am/6:30am.

You're such a happy, happy girl. So sweet, so chill. You love cuddles

-blue/green/grey eyes--they're so pretty!
-getting some hair on the back of your head! it's really cute :)
-size 2 diapers
-6 month clothes
-pulling up to stand all the time!
-you're starting to try to climb up on things (Hazel wasn't much of a climber so this is new for me!)--yesterday you climbed up on a stool and rolled off of it. Thankfully you found it really funny (I did not!).
-you're talking/babbling a lot too!
-You've been sitting up for a while--that might have also happened this month? I'm losing track of my days...I felt like it all happened at once..sitting up, crawling, pulling yourself up to stand. bam!

-While we were in CO we drove up the mountain to Pikes Peak. They have a rule that 6 months and younger aren't allowed up the mountain because of the altitude (you had just recently turned 7 months) so they told us to watch for signs like blue lips/fingers. I was a little freaked out, but we went for it and you did great! You slept for a good bit of it, so the picture to the left is of us on the drive back down (when you're sister was sleeping, ha!).
-I feel like we're finally getting into a sleep schedule with you--naps and all. It's amazing.
-We're thankful to be HOME and enjoying each other. After the craziness of this summer I think your dad and I will always remember the calmness of coming home :)

Man oh man I love you, little one. You're so fun, so joyful, so giggly. I'm beyond grateful I get to be your mama.

Love you an insane amount, Eleanor Fay.



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