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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Eleanor Fay :: 11 months

Sweet Eleanor,

I'm not sure if I've accomplished posting any of your updates on time, but I knew this one would be late. Month ten was a challenging month for me and you. As I write this you're crawling around all over the floor while Hazel and Dad sleep...we're celebrating our third night of you sleeping through the night again! Yay! I really don't know what was going on--I thought for sure a tooth because you still have no teeth so I thought that would make sense, right?! You still have no teeth though. :)

To be completely honest month ten was a lot of grumpiness, sleeplessness, and me asking a lot of, "What do I do?! How do I make her sleep?!" And then just a few days ago you hit 11 months and something started sleeping through the night (it's only been three days, but it has been glorious!), you're back to being your joyful self (I think more joyful than you've ever been), and all around just a really fun kiddo. So what was going on? I have no idea and with you little babies it could have been so many things! You did grow a good bit developmentally so I'm sure your brain was working a ton and that affects a lot of things. I kept telling myself, "This wont last's just a phase..." and it really was. Praise the Lord.

This past month taught me a LOT personally. As I look back and reflect on this whole past year (you're going to be ONE next month!) I can see the many, many ways God has used you to grow me and draw me closer to him. You are one special girl, Eleanor Fay. I've learned, and am continuing to learn, so much about my weaknesses and how many things I am truly not capable of doing on my own. This is a painful process--one that has caused lots and lots of tears on my part (and maybe yours too...).

I cannot count the amount of times I said, "I feel like such a wimp. Why am I so weak?!" Finally your dad said, "Sabrina...Scripture talks about us being weak, about us needing God." He gently pointed me to passages that I knew, but needed to re-read and spend time praying about. It's not that you needed a grumpy month for me to realize I'm weak--I knew that--but because you had a grumpy month I was able to experience some of me deep weaknesses and truly experience the grace of God in the midst of them and because of them. And for that I am extremely grateful. Thanks for being you, sweet girl.

So with that, here's a little bit about how you're doing and what you've been up to.

Girl, you eat so much of everything! You're currently eating more than your two-year-old sister...I think you might be growing. :)

It has been a rough month. You've been up a LOT. You've needed lots and lots of cuddles. You've also needed to see me or be held by me every time you woke in the middle of the night--for some reason Dad's cuddles weren't what you wanted at night. During the day he's your favorite person though!

You really are a sweet, sweet girl. It's just been a tough month for you growing-wise. I'm sure it's painful to grow, to be teething, and to not be able to talk about whats hurting. So this month was a bit of a grumpy month for you, but honestly we all have our grumpy times. ;)

You grew a lot this past month! You're now in 12-month pj's, still wearing some 6-12 month clothing, but I've moved you into some 12-18 month stuff and it's fitting! You're holding onto things and walking--you love to push the baby-doll stroller down the hallway really fast. I cannot imagine what life will be like when you start walking, but I don't think it will be far off!
-size 3 diapers
-blue eyes
-lots more hair in the back
-I'm not sure how much you weigh/your height, but you seem much bigger to me!

-We announced you're going to be a big sister! Your baby sister is due April 2018!
-Your first Halloween (you were a "candy corn"...I put a candy corn hat on you that Nanny made. You were super cute!)

I love you more than I will ever be able to put into words, Ellie. You are such a gift and I can't wait to see more and more of your beautiful and strong-willed personality come out!

Love you always,