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Monday, July 30, 2018

Sybil Jane :: three months

Baby Sybil,

How are you three months already?! Time with you is flying! You're getting so big + giggly, sleeping great, and I'm just so very in love with you. You fit in so well with our family--it's like you've always been here. We all adore you, Sybie girl.

You are growing so strong and healthy! At your three month check up you were still in the 70th percentile for weight at 93rd for height.

I'm putting bows in your thick hair already--it's hard to keep them in though because Eleanor likes to pull them out ;)

Currently Hazel loves to hold you, E loves to give you kisses, and they both love to "burp" you. Hazel will come find you and lay with you, rub your back and your hair, and say, "heyyyyyy!" If you start to cry, Hazel is right there to tell you, "It's okay, Sybil Jane! I'm right here!"

Eleanor tries to give you her food often, wants to console you when you cry, and loves to kiss your forehead. E has also started to say, "heyyyyy!" Then I heard myself do it and realized Hazel heard me do it to, Eleanor heard me + Hazel do it, and now they both do it to you. It makes me smile every time I hear it.

We're on vacation right now in VA. We've been with Gigi for the past week and then we're heading to see your Grandma, Paw Paw, Aunt Ashley, and cousin Hannah tomorrow. You have traveled great!

-you're still a champ of an eater. we're on vacation so I haven't been big on a schedule--when we get home I know we'll settle into a routine, but you're eating every 3ish hours.

-you are currently our best sleeper. it's amazing! i know there's a four-month sleep regression, but we'll deal with that when it comes. right now i'm going to ride out this great-sleeping for all its worth! you're taking about three naps during the day and going to bed around 8ish and sleeping until 4:30/5am. I feed you and then you go back to sleep til 8 or 9am. It's a glorious thing. Thank you!!

-you smile SO big and it makes my heart about burst every time. you've started to giggle and it's incredibly adorable. when we're out and people stop to talk to you you give them a big smile and coo. it's quite sweet :) i'm excited to see more and more of who you are as you get bigger!

-lots of thick, dark hair! just like your daddy :)
-your eyes are a brownish-green currently
-wearing 3-6 month clothes mostly, but still fitting into 0-3 month onesies
-size 2 diapers
-i can't remember your exact weight--93rd percentile for height, 70th for weight

You are such a delight, Sybil Jane. I'm so grateful for you and your sweet personality. I love you so very, very much!



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