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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Smooth Spoons

"That's so beautiful, Mommy," Hazel said as I scraped extra baking powder off the spoon making it smooth.

"What is, baby?" I asked looking around.

"That, mama!" She pointed excitedly at the spoon.

I looked down right before dropping it into the flour.

The baking powder laying perfectly smooth on the spoon. Just the right amount.

"You almost missed it, Mama." Hazel said as she shifted on the stool, ready for me to drop it in now that I saw it, "Good thing I showed you."

Her words rung in my head.

You almost missed it, Mama.

What other beautiful things am I just dropping into the bowl of life? What else am I missing?

In my value of efficiency I can miss the beauty in small moments, the sweetness of lingering just a moment longer.

We ate our pancakes extra slow and with extra sprinkles, because these are the days I hear and I don't want to miss it.

May we all find beauty in our smooth spoons today, whatever they may be.

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