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Friday, November 2, 2018

Sybil Jane :: Six Months

Sybie Girl, 

You're six months!

I think we're all starting to get into a bit of a rhythm and this structure-loving-mama is SO on board for some regular rhythms! Yay!

We just had your six-month visit and you're doing so great, little lady. Coming in at the 86th percentile for both height and weight--way to go, girl.

You're smiling, rolling, chewing on all the things, grabbing (and spilling) my coffee, and still loving the overwhelming amount of cuddles you get from all of us. You're one loved little girl ;)

Food wise you're on board with most things I give you--green beans, chicken, rice, carrots...we'll start to get more routine in giving you solid food this month...I always seem to drag my feet a bit with this transition. Maybe it's the messiness of babies starting to eat solid food, or how we are finally in a rhythm of a nursing/bottle schedule, or maybe it's my babies being old enough to eat solid food that makes my heart ache just a bit. Either way...I eventually get on board and seeing as your sisters will eat pretty much anything in sight I think you're going to adjust just fine. ;)

Thank you for going-with-the-flow--your personality is such a gift to me in this chaos of a season we're currently living. YOU are a gift and I'm so thankful to be your mama. Truly. I love you so much, little one!