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Monday, February 25, 2019


Sybie girl,

We're in double-digits chick. When did this happen?!

This year is flying--FLYING!

You're clapping, waving (it's been about a month since you've started this and we still all gush every time you wave because it's SO adorable), babbling a ton, and overall just loving life.

You're sleeping, eating, and enjoying all the things life has to offer a 10 month old.

Four teeth, 12-18 month clothes, size 5 diapers, two naps, nursing+formula every now and then.

Eleanor will say, "okay! okay baby! don't cry! gonna be okay!" whenever you're a little upset.

Hazel says, "awwwww cute! mama look!" whenever you do basically anything ;)

They bring you toys, feed you food, want to hold you always (you don't like this, ha!), sing to you, kiss+hug you goodnight every night.

You're so cuddly and Dad and I always glance at each other whenever your snuggled up on one of us as if to say, "is this the best or what?!"

You're loved, you're loved, you're loved!



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