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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Sybil Jane :: Eleven Months

Sybie Girl!

You turn O N E in less than a month! Holy Moly!

I've just spent the last ten minutes looking back at old posts about you and reminiscing on this past year. What a ride it's been, little one!

You're sleeping great, eating great, and moving around a ton!

This past month we left you and your sisters with Grandma + Pawpaw and then with Gigi while your dad and I flew across the world to India! That feels crazy typing it. (It felt crazy doing it too.)

 Aunt Mary came up to help Gigi out too which y'all loved :)

I think it was way harder on me and your dad than it was on y'all + it's safe to say coming home to you girls was the favorite thing about our trip! (We did like the extra sleep and alone time as well ;)

Some things I want to remember from this month:

-How cuddly you are. You love all the snuggles and will crawl over, plop yourself in my lap and wrap your arms around my neck. It makes me melt. After nap you'll snuggle into my neck and rest for just a bit longer. I absolutely love your sweet cuddles, baby girl.

-Your laugh! This isn't only from this month--but man, your laugh is so contagious. We all love it!

-You are in a pulling-all-the-books-off-the-shelf stage. You think it's hilarious and necessary to do daily.

-You love when your sisters chase you (while crawling) down the hallway. Lots of giggles ensue!

-"Goodnight to Sybie" is now a part of your sisters bedtime routine--lots of kisses and hugs before bed. You are still our best sleeper currently. Typically when we place you in the crib you are asleep before we walk out of the room after saying goodnight to your sisters.

-Swinging at the playground! You LOVE it! We go to the playground often, but I always keep you in the carrier--mostly because keeping up with your sisters is enough for me! But I realized when we were there the other day that you're really not a tiny baby anymore and put you in the swing (I totally could've done this months ago--sorry about that!) and you laughed so much! We all loved pushing you in the swing and laughing along with you!

-Everyday life with you, yours sisters, our family is my favorite thing.

I love you, little one! We cannot wait to celebrate your first birthday in just a few weeks!

You are so special. We love you so much!